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The unquestionable integral part of any marketing strategy is Social Media

With billions of people using social media daily, you have the opportunity to get your business seen by people all over the world. Using social media shows you are relevant in today’s marketing climate, showcases your brand, offers and generate sales. Goals for social media are different for each business. We can help manage all the moving pieces so you can focus on running your business.



We start by setting goals. Figure out if you are using social media to create brand awareness, make individual connections or generate sales. Based on your goals, we’ll work with you to map out your strategy. And choose the platform(s) that are best suited for your business.


Using your website, blog, user generated content and original content, we write your captions and curate corresponding photos. We create a posting plan, themes and ideas that match your business brand. Then we act as the administrator on your accounts and take charge of your feeds.


Working from the strategy that we set up together, we’ll execute the posting schedule. Depending on your planned budget we choose the number of days, which days of the week and time of day to send out the posts. They’ll be loaded into a scheduling software platform and sent on the designated days.


We make sure the posts are running as scheduled on each platform and comments are responded to. We act as your manager. If you get messages, we’ll alert you so you can follow up with your new prospects. Insights will tell us what’s working, what’s not and we’ll adjust the plan as necessary.

social media management starting at $550/month

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