Google Ads Services (PPC-pay per click)

The most powerful, undeniable traffic and leads search engine is Google Ads

Advertising with Google Ads gets your business in front of people all over the web by specific key performance indicators (kpi) that you choose. When someone searches for your offering, your business ad can be shown before your competitors. Using goal settings, customized budgets and other specified options, you can reach the customers who want to do business with you. You only pay when users engage with your ad, like clicking your ad or calling your business.



Before running any ads, we research your competitors ads, keywords, bidding, budgeting and estimated rank.


After presenting the research findings to you, we set up your profile, goals, daily budget and  a multitude of targeting specifics.


Once the logistics are in place, we create the ad copy for your campaigns. There can be multiple ads per campaign. Included in ads are headlines, descriptions, extensions–additional information that can increase ad click rates up to 15%, phone numbers, pricing, images and more. A start date is set to run the ads.


We keep close watch on the progress and optimize the ads on a daily basis, making changes to the campaign as needed. While ads are running, we can tweak budget, display times, keywords, and more. Convert leads into sales and increase brand awareness with our campaign management service.

Google Ads maintenance starting at $600/month

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